Dowling High School Class of 1974

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SAVE THE DATE -- 50th Class Reunion -- June 27-29, 2024

That's right -- it's been 50 years.

And now it's time to do what the Class of 1974 does better than any collection of souls that has ever walked the halls of Dowling High School, St. Joseph's Academy, Dowling Catholic High School, or whatever you want to call it.

Let's face it -- other classes have produced more doctors or lawyers or professional athletes. 

But we've seen some of THEIR reunions.

Pathetic.  Just pathetic.

And one thing I think we've learned in the 50 years we've lived since leaving that place is what's really important in life.   Is it the money, or the number of people under us at work, or the size of our houses, or having offspring who can manage to stay out of jail (or managing to stay out of jail ourselves)?

Of course not.

The true measure of a graduating class over time is the quality and length of its reunions.  And NOBODY beats the Class of 74 in its ability to throw a party. 

So let's get our butts out on the field and DO IT AGAIN!!

Here's the link to the 2024 brochure!!


Hit the link to the 2024 brochure for the full schedule!!






For More Exciting Reunion Information

(the first tee time will remain open until June 22 to accommodate anyone who wants to be added.  There is also room for one more on each of the 9:36 and 9:45.  Contact Kevin McIlhon)
For an enlarged, more reader friendly version of this schedule, go to the Reunion Brochure page.
Thursday, June 27
The invitations have it at 444 East Grand.  The address is 440 East Grand.  Be sure and come inside.




A block of rooms for the June 27-30 Class of '74 Fifty Year Reunion is available at Hampton by Hilton, 5001 Fleur Drive.
They are under the name Constance Lynn.
The confirmation number is 87175731
(we originally attempted to reserve them using Connie's maiden name, but for some reason we were turned down and referred to the Casa Bella)

Check this site often for more information about the reunion.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Polk County Recorder Julie (or Mike) Haggerty -- any time of the night or day!!

Phone: 515-321-5632

Or you can call Connie Lynn (if you don't recognize the name, she used to be a Hooker) at 515-278-4658..


Or just shoot us an email at this address!!

And now for what's REALLY important!!

As you peruse the Official Class of 74 website, it's pretty quickly apparent that this isn't one of those nicey-nice websites provided by the Dowling Alumni Office.  Somebody actually sat down and put this together.  Like everything else in life, that person isn't necessarily doing it out of the goodness of his heart.  Obviously, he's looking for something in return.

Now, I'm not here to blow my own horn, but I know that the question on nearly everyone's mind is "When and where can I see John Burns perform his original songs?"

For no other reason than as a service to those people,  the answers can be found on John's website.

If you have any complaints about this display of shameless self-promotion, or about any of the other content of this website, address them to the following: